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There are Two Kinds of Toronto Foodies

Toronto’s extensive food scene fulfills every craving. Whether you like to keep it simple or you’re looking for an Instagrammable adventure, there’s the perfect bite (or photo) for everyone.

From burger toppings to caesar garnishes, there’s a spectrum of classic to creative.

Where do you fall?


When it comes to burritos, do you stick to the time-honoured tradition of cheesy, bean-filled, and rice stuffed? Or are you the type to break the rules by grabbing a Mac & Cheeto Burrito from Junked Food Co.? Yes, you read that right: Cheetos—Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, to be exact.


What does your ideal Sunday brunch taste like? Are you sipping on a caesar with celery or are you guzzling down a mug topped with a pizza slice, a lobster tail, vegetables, and smoked bacon courtesy of Hunter’s Landing? When it comes to a hangover-fueled Sunday, what’s your cure?


You can’t contend that poutine is a Canadian staple. The combination of toppings, however, could be up for discussion. Are you repping this national treasure with the classic fixings of cheese curds and gravy or are you shaking things up by adding anything and everything you can get as a topping at Smoke’s Poutinerie?

Bubble Teas

Whether you call it bubble tea or boba, this tea-based beverage has become a staple across Toronto and the GTA. But with new bubble tea joints popping up in every neighbourhood, will you be sticking to your usual Milk Tea order, or will you seek out something new? Perhaps, you could spice things up with multicoloured tea or a light bulb-shaped cup at Royal Tea!


Time to get personal and talk burgers. Do you like to stick to the holy trinity—meat, bun, and cheese? (And maybe some lettuce and tomato.) Or, are you diving head first into a double cheeseburger with two deep fried and cheese-stuffed portobello mushrooms, sandwiched within two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns? A.K.A Burger Priest’s “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

For the 'Gram

When you do it for the ‘gram, what’s your go-to tool? Are you on Team Phone-Eats-First or are you carrying a DSLR around to get that perfect editorial shot?

So, where do you fall on the spectrum?

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