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If We Made Drake’s Menu for Pick 6ix

If you’re reading this it’s not too late.

The 6ix God is at it again. With the success of Frings on King West, Drake—in partnership with OVO Chubbs and Executive Chef Antonio Park—is opening up a new sports bar-slash-restaurant: Pick 6ix.

Since the space has not been opened to the public, many are left wondering what Pick 6ix will be serving. So far, only those lucky enough to be invited to a handful of private events (a.k.a. Lebron’s party for D. Wade) have gotten a sneak peek at the menu.

According to a Toronto Star article, Pick 6ix’s menu—which Park describes as “affordable for everyone”—will be a culinary experience of 30 menu items inspired by Japanese, South American, and Korean flavours.

With the full list of dishes yet to be revealed, we imagined six items we’d put on a Drake-inspired menu.

Label 428 Drake Menu Pick 6ix


Label 428 Passionfruit From Miles Away

Passionfruit From Miles Away

Never chase it, let it come to you! This passion fruit salad is straight off the plane from Brazil.

Label 428 Big Rings

Big Rings

What a time to be alive. Why wouldn’t you want to order some pretty large onion rings? ‘Cause if you’ve got a really big team, they need some really big rings.



Label 428 Hot Lime Wing

Hot Lime Wing When you need some late night loving, that can only mean one thing. At Pick 6ix, it’s not about half price Tuesdays. Things are about to get hot up in the 6ix right now!

Label 428 The 6ix

The 6ix

Running through the six with our rolls. From area code 416 to our 6 diverse boroughs, we’re celebrating the 6ix every chance we get.



Label 428 Best (cake) I Ever Had

Best (Cake) I Ever Had It’s got that rich chocolate flavour, with a hint of real gold shavings. It’s all you ever wanted, because we could do it real big, bigger than you ever had it!



Label 428 Icy Like 1017

Icy Like 1017

When it comes to signature cocktails, move a little icy. At Pick 6ix, on the rocks is the motto—literally. Sip on Virginia Black whiskey served over a collection of glistening diamonds.


With plans for Pick 6ix to open on February 2, we’re looking forward to seeing what actual dishes Drake and co. will serve up!

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